Garage Door Design Guide

Excited About Sprucing Up The Look of Your Home?

A garage door is more than simply a functional object; it also contributes to the overall aesthetic of your home! There are plenty of options out there, so many homeowners are unsure where to begin when it comes to choosing a stylish, smoothly-operating garage door. When you’re choosing the garage door style that best suits your home, the first step is understanding the difference between long and short panels.

Short Panels

Garage door with short panels
Short panels have four or more rectangles spanning a single car garage door. They have a bold, dynamic feel due to the sheer quantity of design elements.

Long Panels

Garage door with long glass panels
Long panels have only two rectangles spanning a single car garage door, or four across a double garage door. They tend to seem calmer and more refined in comparison.
While both options may have some exclusive design variations, the decision between long or short panels generally comes down to personal preference.

Garage Door Designs and Patterns

Some garage door designs are unique to specific garage door materials, types, or manufacturers, and they may vary by region. Give us a call for more information on potential design options.


Carriage house panels give garage doors a rustic look and come in several different designs, including those with long vertical panels, diagonal lines, barn door patterns, overlays, and decorative hinges and handles.


Garage door with short panels
Raised panels have rectangular designs that appear to be carved or etched in the surface of the door.


Garage door with recessed panels
Recessed panels are the opposite of raised panels. They add depth and dimension with inlaid designs.


Garage door with recessed panels
Ribbed panels start with a flush panel design, which is then broken up by additional horizontal lines.


Garage door with flush wooden panels
Flush panels give your home’s exterior a minimal look. They span the full length of your garage door with no breaks, raised or lowered sections, or rectangular patterns.


Short and long Bead Board panels consist of standard rectangular panels broken up by vertical lines for extra embellishment.

Garage Door Panel Materials

When replacing your garage door, it’s important to pick the correct garage door material for your home. As you might expect, it has a significant impact on the appearance of your door (and the design possibilities available to you) – but you’ll also need to consider factors like your area’s climate and your home’s insulation requirements.

Wood & Wood Composite

Wood and wood composite doors are popular for their style and customization options, but wooden doors might take more work to maintain than wood composite.


Steel is one of the most popular garage door materials because it’s more durable and low-maintenance than others.
Three car garage door


The perks of aluminum doors are that they’re lightweight, resist corrosion better than steel doors, and usually come in a wide variety of styles.
Single car garage door


Vinyl garage doors are non-corrosive, and they also have a UV-resistant finish to prevent discoloration and bleaching.


Fiberglass is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant material that is often less expensive than other options.


Glass panels come in a limited number of designs. They can be clear or opaque and offer the home a more contemporary look.

Which Garage Door is Right for Your Home?

Because each person’s home, budget, and demands are different, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to garage door design. Each homeowner will need to consider how their garage door affects their home’s exterior appearance and, most importantly, ensure that their garage door fits their style and security needs.


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