10 Garage Door Security Tips: How to Secure Your Garage Door

Did you know that 10% of burglars enter the home through the garage?

Garage doors are commonly overlooked when assessing your home’s security. Here are some tips to make sure your garage is NOT the weakest link.

1. Put a deadbolt, brace, lock, or other physical safeguards on your garage door

The simplest solution to improve garage door security is to make sure the door doesn’t move when you don’t want it to. Here are some popular solutions:

  • Padlocking the throw latch or using a tight c-clamp to prevent the door from opening even if the opener is used
  • Installing a manual lock like a sliding bar lock, L-handle lock, or T-handle lock
  • Shielding the emergency release with a product like Garage Door Armor (some people recommend securing it with zip ties, but we don’t recommend this as it can create a safety hazard for your family)
  • Use a garage door defender (stop bar)

Most garage doors can be physically secured from the inside or the outside, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Read more about ways to lock your garage door.

2. Reinforce the interior door to your house

Treat the door from your house to the garage like you would treat any exterior door. Make sure it’s a heavy door with a reinforced strike plate, a deadbolt, and a peephole so you can check the garage without opening the door.

3. Install a home security system

Modern technology gives us a variety of home security options. You can choose professionally monitored security systems like ADT or SimpliSafe, or smart home systems like Nest. Even the threat of a security system can deter many would-be troublemakers, so many people simply put a warning sign in their yard (though we do recommend actually installing a security system).

Extra tip: Keep the exterior area around your garage door free of anything that would hide someone from the view of neighbors or your cameras.

Be conscious of garage windows4. Be conscious of garage windows

Windows add a nice visual touch to your garage door, but they also allow outsiders to see if you’re home. Consider frosting your windows, installing privacy film, or otherwise covering your windows while you’re not home. If you can’t cover your windows, try not to leave anything valuable within sight.

5. Motion-activated lights

Deter unwanted visitors by keeping your driveway well-lit at night. Motion detector lights provide visibility while saving money on electricity.

6. Upgrade your garage door opener

Certain automatic garage door openers, especially those manufactured before 1993, are more vulnerable to break-ins. If you have a very old opener, it may be smart to upgrade.

7. Invest in a heavy garage door

Heavy garage doors are great for insulation and curb appeal, but they also function as extra reinforcement for your home. Heavy doors made out of solid-core wood or reinforced steel are much more difficult to breach physically than aluminum or vinyl garage doors. Plus, a new garage door is one of the best investments you can make for your home.

8. Keep your remote with your keys, not in your car

If someone breaks into your car, they can use your garage door opener to get into your house. Keep your remote with your keys or in your bag instead to make your home just a little bit safer.

Garage door remotes are also available as keychains to make them easier to carry with you.

Leave a radio on9. Leave a radio on at low volume in your garage

Most burglars don’t want to break into an occupied home. Signs of life – like playing music or leaving lights on – will deter most minor offenders.

10. Finally, don’t forget to close your garage door

A surprising number of burglaries happen simply because someone forgot to close their garage door on their way out.
If this is a major concern for you, you can make sure your garage door is closed by tracking it with a garage door monitor or installing an automatic garage door closer. You’ll never have to worry whether you forgot to close your garage door again.

Need help securing your garage door?

Some things (like upgrading your opener or installing a heavy garage door) are easier with professional help. Our professionally trained technicians are trained to service garage doors and openers correctly the first time so you don’t have to worry about security.

Home security isn’t something to take lightly. Whichever security method you choose, we recommend working with an expert so you can be confident that any potential weaknesses are covered.


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