Garage Door Size Chart – Guide to Standard Garage Door Sizes

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Single car garage door

Single Garage Doors

The most common single garage door sizes are 8’ x 7’, 8’ x 8’, 9’ x 7’, and 9’ x 8’. They can be anywhere between 7 – 8 ft tall and 8 – 10 ft wide. Less common garage door sizes are 9 – 12 ft in height.

Some companies do offer 9 – 12 ft tall garage doors, and they’re becoming more common in recent years. You can also order these sizes as custom garage doors.

Two car garage door

Double Garage Doors

The most common double garage door size is 16’ x 7’, though they can be anywhere between 7 – 8 ft high and 12 – 20 ft wide.

If you need a double garage door in a nonstandard size, these can also be ordered custom.

Three car garage door

Triple Garage Doors

For triple car garages, you’ll have multiple garage doors with a post between them for structural stability. This is typically either:

  • Three single car garage doors
  • One single garage door and one double garage door

There are currently no standard sizes if you want to put one large garage door on a residential three car garage.

Garage Door Size Charts

Single Car Garage Door Sizes


Width x Height (in feet) Width x Height (in cm)
8 x 7 244 x 213
9 x 7 274 x 213
10 x 7 305 x 213
8 x 8 244 x 244
9 x 8 274 x 244
10 x 8 305 x 274
9 x 10 274 x 305
10 x 10 305 x 305

Two Car Garage Door Sizes


Width x Height (in feet) Width x Height (in cm)
12 x 7 366 x 213
14 x 7 427 x 213
16 x 7 488 x 213
18 x 7 549 x 213
20 x 7 607 x 213
14 x 8 427 x 244
16 x 8 488 x 244
18 x 8 549 x 244
20 x 8 607 x 244
14 x 9 427 x 274
16 x 9 488 x 274
18 x 9 549 x 274
20 x 9 607 x 274
14 x 10 427 x 305
16 x 10 488 x 305
18 x 10 549 x 305
20 x 10 607 x 305

Standard Garage Door Size Requirements

Your garage door will need at least 6 inches of head room for the opening, possibly more if you know you’ll be using roof racks, cargo holders, or if you have an extra large vehicle.

You’ll need 14 – 18 inches between the ceiling and the top of the garage door to allow space for your garage door opener.

Account for at least 2 ft of space between each vehicle parked in your garage. If you frequently use your garage for activities or storage, you may also want space to store and remove things like lawn & garden tools and sports equipment.

Aside from physical space requirements, your local building codes or homeowners association may have certain requirements for garage door sizes (and even colors and designs). In these cases, you may not be able to install overly large (wide or tall) garage doors.

For best results, have a garage door professional involved at the start of planning.

Standard Garage Door Size Costs

If you’re looking at doors for a two-car garage, installing one large door will typically cost less than two separate single-car garage doors. However, this does depend on the current architecture of your garage.

Custom garage door sizes will have higher costs for the door itself as well as certain components due to non-standard lengths of track, springs, and other parts.

If you’re looking to increase the size of your garage door, this will also significantly add to your costs. To expand the opening for a larger garage door, your garage will most likely need to be rebuilt or have its roof raised. This kind of project will require a contractor or architect as well as a garage door professional to make sure your garage stays safe, secure, and weathertight after the structural changes.

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