Let’s Fix That Noisy Garage Door

What’s Causing Your Noisy Garage Door?

When your garage door causes a racket each time you use it, it’s not long until you miss your peace and quiet!

A noisy garage door can wake you up at night or disturb your family and pets each time it’s used.

Old, faulty, or mismatched openers are one common culprit. If you notice that your door is sounding worse for the wear, that could be a sign that the opener is in need of replacement.

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Professional Inspection & Replacement

Most homeowners experience a loud garage door at one point or another. While garage door openers are a common source of unwanted noise, they aren’t the only ones. Other causes of noisy garage doors include:

  • Damaged Panels – This often sounds like a banging noise when you open and close your door
  • Worn or Broken Springs – Springs in need of replacement can make a popping sound as they struggle to lift and lower your garage door
  • Faulty Rollers – When your garage door rollers reach the end of their lifespan, they may make a grinding noise when your door is being operated
  • Unbalanced Door – You might hear a scraping sound if your door is unbalanced and stressing the other components
  • Loose Hardware – Small pieces of hardware like bolts and screws can loosen over time and cause a rattling sound
  • Unlubricated Parts – Garage door parts that haven’t been lubricated properly often make a high-pitched squeaking sound

Before recommending a garage door opener replacement, Precision technicians will perform a 21-point safety inspection to figure out the exact cause of your noisy garage door. 

We Install Ultra-Quiet Precision PDS Openers

PDS 800

The PDS 800 is an energy-efficient DC-powered operator that runs at an AC-equivalent speed with soft-start and soft-stop for smooth, quiet, long-term reliable performance. Our belt drive garage door openers are the quietest on the market.

  • DC Motor – completely silent
  • Belt Drive – reduces noise between the opener and the door
  • Two Remotes
  • Wireless Exterior Keypad
  • Wall Button
  • Reinforcement Bracket – Protects the Opener/Door Connection
  • Reduces Energy Use With Low-Power Mode
  • As Long As You Own Your Home Warranty
PDS- 900

PDS Ultra 900

The PDS Ultra 900 is the future of garage door openers. They are amazingly quiet, offer six levels of brightness, and once connected to WiFi offer unparalleled ease of use from your smartphone. The PDS Ultra 900 includes all features of the PDS 800 and:

PDS Ultra 900 Features

  • Wi-Fi functionality via your mobile device
  • Brightness-Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Wireless compatibility with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT
  • Free IOS and Android apps for smart phones and tablets
  • Smart Wall Station
  • As Long As You Own Your Home Warranty

People Love Our Garage Door Opener Services

Every day, we receive amazing feedback from our customers. Here are just a few stories from customers we’ve helped in the past.

“Our garage door opener wouldn’t close and it was 6:30 am. […] About 11:45 the service technician called and was on his way. He knew what was wrong and fixed the closing issue, I asked him to do an inspection since he was here. He pointed out a couple of concern areas for observation, he had the parts so I had him fix them. Door works better and is quieter than it ever had been. Precision will get any garage door service I need in the future. Job well done, prompt and the service technician was very pleasant, polite and professional.” – Irvin W.
“We called Precision on a Saturday and they came out the same day to fix our garage door! Very nice and professional. Would highly recommend them.” – Sandy E.
“I give the technician a 5 as he was very informative, gave me really good suggestions and was very professional. I was also impressed that you came out so promptly.” – Marilyn B.


When you schedule a service appointment with Precision Garage Door, a professional, uniformed technician will arrive at your home in a fully stocked truck. This ensures that at every appointment – whether the technician needs to install new opener, fix broken cables, openers, springs, or other garage door problems – the necessary tools will be available. We don’t waste your time misdiagnosing the issue, waiting for parts, or arranging additional service appointments.

Let Precision Garage Door solve your garage door problems. Serving all of Greenville, SC, we can fix broken springs, cables, openers, and more to get your door operating safely and correctly. For more information or to schedule a service visit, please contact us today.

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