What to Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

A finicky garage door that won’t close when (or how) you want it to can occasionally be a symptom of a more serious problem. Other times, the solution is as simple as changing a pair of batteries.

There are some fixes you can try on your own before calling the pros, even though major repairs – like changing the track – should only be done by a professional technician. Here are a few things to look for when dealing with a stubborn garage door and what you can do to keep your home and family safe.

Your garage door probably won’t close because…

    • Your remote batteries are dead – Easy fix! Just pop in new batteries and try closing your garage door again.
    • The opener got unplugged – Check to make sure your garage door opener is properly plugged in. If it is, test the outlet to see if it’s getting power. Keep in mind that some outlets are controlled by switches located elsewhere in your garage.
    • The remote needs to be reprogrammed – Occasionally, a remote and keypad can get out of sync. If you’ve replaced the batteries, but the remote still isn’t working, follow your manufacturer’s instructions for reprogramming your remote.
    Garage door manual safety release cord
    • Your trolley isn’t properly engaged – A trolley connects the opener to the garage door (it usually has a rope hanging from it). If your garage door won’t close, try pulling the rope toward your door to reconnect the two devices.
    • There’s something blocking your safety sensors – Safety sensors are installed close to the floor by the rails of garage door openers. They’re mandatory safety features present in all garage doors manufactured after 1993 and keep everyone safe by identifying when objects are in the way of the sensor’s path. Be sure there’s nothing in the way and try wiping them off with a soft, microfiber cloth.

    When Should You Call a Professional?

    Sometimes, a garage door that won’t close has a simple fix – but that’s not always the case. There are a few instances where DIY garage door repair options are too risky. These are a few problems that are best left to professionals who can inspect your door safely and efficiently.

    Your safety sensors are faulty or misaligned.

    Since sensors (also known as photo eyes) are such important safety features, you want to be sure they’re working properly at all times. Aligning them can be tricky, so it’s best to call professionals who can make sure the alignment is done correctly and inspect the sensors for any additional damage.

    The limit setting needs adjustment.

    The limit setting also regulates how far the door must close. The door can’t hit the ground if it’s positioned too high because the opener will mistakenly think it already has. As a result, it will automatically reverse to avoid an accident.

    Like sensor alignment, adjusting the limit setting requires precision and can be tricky to do by yourself.

    Your garage door tracks are blocked or warped.

    If your garage door won’t close, check the tracks for anything that could be causing a blockage. Debris like small screws or bits of hardware can cause the door to struggle or stall when closing, especially if you only notice it happening at a certain point.

    If you don’t notice anything blocking your door, your tracks may be warped or misaligned. That usually happens when other components aren’t working properly to support the weight of your garage door. Misaligned tracks are dangerous and can cause more expensive issues down the line if not addressed early, so it’s best to call a professional right away.

    Can You Manually Close Your Garage Door?

    When you’re dealing with a garage door that won’t open, there’s a handy way to open it manually using the emergency release cord; however, you should never use the emergency release cord when your garage door is in the open position.

    If your garage door won’t close because of issues like snapped springs or broken cables, attempting to close it manually could cause your door to slam shut and harm your home’s occupants, your property, or your garage door itself.

    If simple solutions don’t work, call trusted professionals who can safely identify and fix the problem right away.

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    Need Help With a Garage Door That Won’t Close?

    Always call a professional if you’re dealing with broken components like springs, cables, tracks, and more. The risk of trying to fix those issues yourself isn’t worth the damage they could cause to you, your property, and your home’s occupants.

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